Moldavite & Thailand Tektite Necklace – Guaranteed Authentic – Hand Wrapped


Is your past keeping you from moving forward in your spiritual growth? At some point in your spiritual growth you may find yourself feeling stuck, like you are struggling to move forward. A lot of times this can be very frustrating, and Moldavite, Tektites, and all other crystals have the power to change your life.
Crystals work by acting as totems to program your subconscious mind. The power of the crystal has more to do with your mind than the actual energy released by the crystal. Looking for love? Rose Quartz is the universal crystal for love. This does not mean that someone will love you if you purchase rose quartz and give it to them. Rose quartz will program your subconscious to love yourself more. When you love yourself fully, you project that love, and are more likely to be attractive to others. This Moldavite and Thailand Tektite combination is specifically intended to be used as a tool of self-transformation. This necklace will help you deal with the past and heal those old wounds that cause so much pain.
Moldavite was created by an impact of a meteorite 14.7 million years ago in what is now the Czech Republic. It was formed much faster than other gemstones and is considered to be a “living” stone. When you touch Moldavite, you will feel its vibration and energy pouring into your body, activating your chakras, balancing your yin-yang energy, increasing your intuition, and connecting you to the Earth. Moldavite can also be used to help focus energy and drive out negative influences that might be affecting your life or your loved ones.
Moldavite, as a result of a high energy space impact, is a totem representing transformation. This transformation can be anything in your life. Typically though, Moldavite forces you to deal with all of your past guilt, shame, embarrassment, and anger, so that you can move on to the next level of your spiritual journey. You will discover that the key to getting through your Moldavite experience is acceptance and forgiveness. We all carry guilt, shame, and embarrassment over our past. These feelings can link together, weaving their energies to create ever greater feelings of sadness and depression. This network of emotions grows every time it gets triggered. And each new event adds one more trigger. It gets to the point that you are always depressed because everything is a trigger.
Thailand Tektites are another transformation stone. Its dark black color is a totem of protection. As your traumas emerge, having this sister stone to the Moldavite will help ensure that you are protected from destructive energies, such as severe depression or hopelessness. Thailand Tektites help you look at your past and let go of the negative energies attached to it without judgement. It’s important to learn from our past mistakes and past pain caused by others without holding on to the emotions attached. It’s time to let go, stop looking backward, and begin our journey with our eyes in front of us.
The necklace measures 3″ total in length from top of wire barrel to bottom of wire base. The Moldavite stone is approximately .5″ by .25″. The Thailand Tektite is approximately 1.25″ by .75″. Wire wrapping is genuine Copper and Argentium. Chain is 18″ long. If you have any further questions or need guidance regarding this piece, feel free to contact us.
This amazing piece of functional art was hand wrapped by Cathy McGowan, a local Tucson artist and dear friend. Find more from her by visiting her Etsy shop: EyeCandybyCathy
Guaranteed authentic Moldavite from the Czech Republic.
Guaranteed authentic Thailand Tektite
** Initially, Moldavite can seem overwhelming as it may seem that your life has immediately been populated with problems and erratic feelings. This is where your growth occurs. By being prepared and, most importantly, willing, to accept and deal with your past issues will help you to identify and recognize the Moldavite in action. Once you realize that the event that is occurring is a lesson, you can look at it rationally, meditate, and go deep into your mind to view the network of emotions tied to past events. As you go through the events, you can progressively start to feel each event’s feeling. These feeling will build up in your body and should feel very uncomfortable. Let it build until you get to the core event, or the memories end. Now focus on that ball of energy that you just created. Picture it as a ball of light. All of the pain, fear, anger, sadness, and shame from all of those events are contained in this light. Hold this light in your hands and picture shooting it directly into the sun. The sun will cleanse, purify, and release it back into the universe as pure, clean energy.
By facing your mind, you will slowly clear out all of the rubbish so that you have room for the light of your spiritual journey.

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