Thailand Tektite Wrapped Necklace – 001


Tektites are formed when a meteorite collides into the earth. The heat from the impact is so intense that the surrounding earth (sand and or other materials) turns into a natural glass. This tektite, in combination with meditation, can help navigate higher realms of your consciousness, while unlocking psychic abilities in some. In Thailand, their belief is the stone encourages fertility in both men and women. If looking for protection while journeying on your spiritual path, Tektite may help lead the way.

Thailand Tektites are considered transformation stones. Its dark black color is a totem of protection. Thailand Tektites help you look at your past and let go of the negative energies attached to it without judgement. It’s important to learn from our past mistakes and past pain caused by others without holding on to the emotions attached. It’s time to let go, stop looking backward, and begin our journey with our eyes in front of us.

Crystals work by acting as totems to program your subconscious mind. The power of the crystal has more to do with your mind than the actual energy released by the crystal. Looking for love? Rose Quartz is the universal crystal for love. This does not mean that someone will love you if you purchase rose quartz and give it to them. Rose quartz will program your subconscious to love yourself more. When you love yourself fully, you project that love, and are more likely to be attractive to others. This Moldavite and Thailand Tektite combination is specifically intended to be used as a tool of self-transformation. This necklace will help you deal with the past and heal those old wounds that cause so much pain.

This beautiful piece was hand wrapped by a dear friend of ours, Cathy McGowan. Her work truly is inspiring as you can see here in the Thailand Tektite Wrapped Necklace.

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