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FAQ Page

Puduo Resin US is a collective of resin artists who are the main point of contact for Puduo Resin. This product is manufactured in China and primarily distributed on Amazon.  

We are not the manufacturer. We are the main point of contact with the manufacturer. We are here to assist you as an artist and as a customer of Puduo Resin. We can assist you in handling issues with the product and in general use. We have an amazing team of artists who are here to help. You will find a beginners video and a heat test video down below. We will be adding to this collection regularly as videos are created.

This product is 100% guaranteed and may be returned to within 30 days to the site it was purchased from.

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this product FDA Approved?
1) The FDA does not approve Epoxy Resin. This product is classified as non-toxic, once cured. This assumes that you have measured properly, not added too much pigment (Approx 6% is recommended), and mixed thoroughly.

Where can I find information sheets about this product?
1)You can find SDS and the instruction sheets HERE.

What temperature is best when using this product?
1) 70 – 80 degrees F is the optimal temperature range.
2) Minimum temperature is 65 degrees

How do I get the bubbles out?
1) Mix slowly
2) Don’t use wood or other materials that have air trapped in it
3) After mixing, let the resin sit for 15-25 minutes so the air bubbles rise and pop naturally
4) Mist with 91% Rubbing Alcohol. Use a spray bottle to pop surface bubbles.

Can I use a heat gun or torch to pop bubbles?
1) Yes. But when using heat, you have to be extremely careful. If too much heat is added, it can cause an exothermic reaction ( the resin heats up too fast) and cause damage to the resin i.e ripples, cracks, streaks, lumps and it can even cause it to smoke!
2) Use caution when using a torch. Close contact to your mold can damage your mold rendering it useless for future projects.

How long does it take for Puduo Resin to cure?
1) You can typically remove your work from the mold after 10 hours. Actual cure time varies by size and climate. Typical time frames are 24-72 hours, but can take longer. Larger pieces cure faster and smaller pieces.

What is the working time?
1) Work time is 40 minutes. This time can vary depending on temperature and humidity.

How much colorant, glitter, alcohol ink can I use?
1) The rule of thumb is 6%. You should never use more than 6% of additives to your overall measured amount. Any more than that and you risk your piece not curing properly and it can remain soft and bendy.

Why is my cured piece soft and bendy?
Possible reasons for “bendy” pieces include, by are not limited to:
1) Your piece needs more time to cure. This is common on small pieces as there is less material reacting.
2) You didn’t measure part A and B properly
3) You didn’t mix part A and B properly.
4) You added too much glitter, pigment or alcohol ink (remember the 6% rule).
5) It’s possible that you need to switch climates. If you work inside your home it may not be warm enough for small pieces to cure. Smaller pieces have longer curing times because the amount of resin is not large enough to create a proper exothermic reaction. Try moving them to a warmer area of your home to and see if they harden. You may need let them cure in a sunny window. If you work outside and it is hot, sometimes even fully cured pieces will remain bendy after the initial pour. Try moving your pieces inside to a cooler temperature. Many times just a simple change in climate can solve the problem. Reminder: The recommended working temperature is between 70-80 degrees. The less humidity, the better.

What is the proper PPE for this product?
1) Gloves
2) Respirator
3) Protective Eyewear
3) Adequate ventilation
4) Clean, covered, and level work surface
5) Dust free environment

What is the heat resistance of this product?
1) Approximately 100 F
2) This product continues to harden over time. If using making coasters, make sure you give the product adequate time to cure.

Can this product be used with porous materials?
1) Yes you can with proper pre-preparation of the material.
2) Seal porous surfaces such as wood with a thin coating of mixed resin using a squeegee or foam brush to seal the material fully. Let cure for 6 hours before attempting main pour.

What can I use for clean-up?
1) For skin contact we recommend using Puduo Hand Scrub
2) Rubbing alcohol works for liquid resin. The higher the %, the more effective.
3) Lacquer thinner and Acetone may also be used, but please follow the products recommendations for proper use.

How much do your different sizes cover?
1) 16 oz kit covers approximately 3 square feet @ 1/16″ thick
2) 32 oz kit covers approximately 6 square feet @ 1/16″ thick
3) 64 oz kit covers approximately 12 square feet @ 1/16″ thick
4) 1 gallon kit covers approximately 24 square feet @ 1/16″ thick
5) 2 gallon kit covers approximately 248 square feet @ 1/16″ thick

What grit sandpaper should I use?
1) 220 grit can be used effectively

How much can I mix at a time?
1) It is recommended to mix no more than 220 ml at a time.

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