5 Tricks to Make Your Reels Perform in 2022

Let’s face it, unless you have the knowledge, it’s really hard to start an account and get noticed on Instagram. We have been in the space for close to 3 years and have seen change after change roll out. Keeping on top of the trends is vital for businesses in today’s economy to flourish. 

Here’s 5 tricks to make your reels trend on Instagram:

  1. Use templates. If you haven’t stumbled upon templates, you are missing out on an easy way to use the success of others to your advantage. To take advantage of this feature, click the reels icon in the bottom center of your feed. This will take you to Reels. Look for Reels that say “Use Template”. This will enable you to use the timing for the video clips to match the timing of a viral video. Fun fact: Once you get the hang of creating trending Reels, Instagram will turn your Reels into Templates for others to use. Using multiple short clips is usually the secret.
    2. Use trending audio. Trending audio can be found the same way as templates. You can use any audio track that you see anyone else use by clicking on the name of the audio track, then save it to your account. The audio track will show up as saved audio. By matching trending templates with trending audio, your Reels will have a greater chance of going viral.

    3. Use relevant hashtags to your market. There are many hashtag apps. These can be handy when starting out. A great way to learn about the hashtags that work in your niche is by watching trending Reels in your niche and seeing what hashtags they are using. Over time, you will understand which hashtags to use on your posts.

    4. Be consistent. If you are going to post once daily, post once daily. If it’s twice daily, make sure it’s twice per day. Consistency is very important. Be sure to check which times your followers are on and either post at that time, or use a scheduler to post. 

    5. Make quality content that your followers want to see. Many things go into this statement. Clean video lens, good lighting, close-up shots, and a well defined message all contribute to whether someone moves on or watches your Reel. Phones today can record and edit quality videos. But sometimes you need a little bit more power or versatility. That’s where a powerful desktop app can really make you shine. We use InVideo to create our longer form videos, or videos which require complex editing. We have a special discount offer from InVideo for new subscribers. Save 35% off from now until September 7th with code: LabourDay35!
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    Use these suggestions and tools every day and you will see results. @Sacred7Senses has been using these techniques to great effect. See what she’s creating here:

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