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Finishing, Sanding, and Polishing Pt. 3

Sanding/Finishing With a Rotary Tool

If sanding isn’t your thing, you may want to use a Dremel tool. These tools are really handy for a variety of crafts. Always wear a mask when sanding.

Using a rotary tool on Puduo Epoxy Resin gives you complete control to be as precise as required for even the most delicate work. The variety of bits and attachments is amazing. They even have a flex shaft that makes it feel like your holding a marker instead of a powerful tool. Tapping the photo below will take you to Amazon for the Dremel with the flex shaft included..

Using the tool is pretty simple. Practice on anything to get a feel for the tool, it’s speeds, and features. You shouldn’t need the highest speed to sand your creation.

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Select the bit you want to use. There’s a large selection of bits available, and some have different sized shafts. Use the appropriate sized collate to ensure a tight fit for the bit.                                   
  2. Turn the tool on and gently touch the bit to the part of your project you want to sand.                                         
  3. Slowly go around the edges until they are smoothed down how you want them.                                                     

The US support team is always here to help you through your resin art journey! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions or support! Happy creating!

Please enjoy the video below. This will give you a brief introduction to sanding with a rotary tool.

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Finishing, Sanding, and Polishing Pt.2

Sanding Techniques Using Puduo Resin Pt. 2

Sanding can give your piece that professional look. In the last blog I showed you one of the most basic techniques for finishing your creation. The Emory Board. I have located a good deal on Amazon for multi-surface Emory Boards here.

The purpose is to get the edges of your finished piece to look and feel smooth. Taking that little bit of time can make the difference between a sale and no sale. In addition to using an Emory Board, you can also use sandpaper. Begin with the coarse grits and work your way down to the finest grit you need to accomplish the finish you want. Wet/dry sandpaper is used so that you can sand and polish without damage to the surface. Wet/dry can be found here.

Start with a low number. This is the coarsest paper. Gently sand the edges. The point at this stage is to knock down the excess epoxy from the edges.As you get to the higher grits, use a small amount of water to help polish the surface.

Using this technique will give you a nice, smooth finish. The higher grits are seldom needed, especially if you are using a paint pen for your edges.

Paint your sanded edges for that final professional look!

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