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Finishing, Sanding, and Polishing

Do you want nice, clean edges on your product? We will show you how!

So you’ve gotten the basics of pouring down and now it’s time to level up your game. Edges are often the final step in an Epoxy Resin Artists craft. I know from experience that beginning in this form of art is nerve wracking. Did I mix it right? Did I add too much pigment? Is the temperature okay? Is it too humid? Did I measure properly? Did I use the right kind of mold? Did I mix it completely? We want that instant gratification. We want to know that we didn’t just waste money.

This is one of the main reasons people love Puduo Epoxy Resin! It’s quick cure time gives you your results fast! Mixing is simple. The steps are easy. Measure, mix thoroughly, pour into another cup, mix again, let sit for 15 minutes. This method eliminates the bubbles and ensures a good mix. 

What about that final touch though? The edges….
Many people get hesitant when it comes to this stage of the craft. Sanding, edging, finishing, and polishing are all artforms in themselves. The good news is that you don’t need to learn a new artform to do the edges. If you can do your nails, you can do basic edges. And you can use the Emory boards that you use on nails to take those edges down. 

This is the easiest way to get in to edging that I have found. Start off easy and work your way up. Some people use Dremel tools, some use sandpaper. You can even use a knife or razor blade to get the edges you want. Some edging is done with a paint pen, like for coasters. We will discuss other methods in future blogs. Edging can be simple or complex. It depends on your project. 

In the video below, I am using a nail file to quickly and easily clean up the edges of this pyramid. 

I’ve learned that it’s often easiest to learn by the easiest method available. Lets begin with the Emory Board.

Practice using this technique until you feel comfortable sanding your work. We will be talking about more advanced techniques in future blogs. Dremel, sandpaper, paint pens, and polish are topics we will discuss.

Pouring Layers

How to Pour Layers With Puduo Resin 

We’ve all seen the beautiful layered pyramids other artists are creating using Puduo Resin. The question is often asked “How do you pour layers like that”? Many artists want to know how to create layered pyramids. They are surprisingly simple. Here’s how:      
First you need to determine what you want your finished product to look like. For instance, do you want a crystal in the tip? Will you put lights inside? Decide what elements you want to incorporate into your piece and gather the materials together. Some artists like to make a rough sketch of the layers in their vision to use as a guide. Then you can begin to pour your layers. Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to pop the bubble in the tip. Failure to do so will not make a sharp tip on the top. Another common error is not waiting long enough between layers. This can cause the layers to mix. We will go over two methods of creating layered pyramids here.
The first method is to pour your first layer and let it cure at least 8 hours. Then pour your next layer, let it cure. Repeat until all layers are completed.
The second method involves letting the resin cure hard enough not to deform when you pour the next layer. This can be achieved in three to five hours. You can test the hardness with a toothpick. When it feels sturdy, pour the next layer. Repeat until your project is complete.
The second method can be modified to create specific effects. For instance, you may want a wavy effect between layers. By adjusting the time you let the product cure, you get whatever hardness you want to work with. Less time equals a softer product. 
After finishing the last layer, you need to wait at least 10 hours before you demold. Full cure of the product happens in 24-48 hours. So be gentle with your piece and allow it time to fully cure.
Here’s a short video:

Remove Bubbles Easily

Today's featured artist is @be_vybrant_designs

This little dish is magical! Great work. Thank you for using Puduo Resin.

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Morninggg y’all 😬👋🏾 here’s to another cupcake ashtray (I hope y’all don’t get tired of these because I’m never gonna stop making em 😭😭😭)

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Dollar Tree Magic
ColourPassion Pigments - @deluke_arts
Glow/UV Reactive Pigments -
Puduo Deep Pour Resin -


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Today's featured artist is the amazing @jusscraftinaround !
This artist does it all. Mold making, 3d printing, tumblers, casting, and more!

Check her shop out at

Original post:
Omfg! Omfg! Loving everything about this!

Resin: (bottom to seal) @puduoresin UV Resin
Glitter: @jusscraftinaround

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Today's featured post is the amazing artist @hikari.goods
Check out her Halloween flow, and get in on the action! Support these local artists so that they can continue to create.

Original post:
Four different Halloween vibes without using orange? Challenge accepted!

Resin: @puduoresin
@eyecandypigments in Green Tea & Barney Purple
@fluidartcompany This Little Pigment in Latte & Grenache

Stay tuned for the demold 😉
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Amazing shaker cup creation brought to us from the manufacturer of Puduo. This artist utilizes the bottom of another mold to create the cavity for her shaker items.

You never know where inspiration will strike! That's why we make sure that we supply you with plenty of ideas for your next projects. Have something you would like to see? Let us know. Would you like something custom made? We'll do it on a live stream! Please message us for more information.

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You watch the videos of artists who make fantastic products using Puduo Resin, but when you try it, it has bubbles 🙁

Here’s why, and how to fix it:

First, let’s go through the “why”….

When you mix Epoxy Resin, you are mixing 2 chemicals together to create an exothermic reaction. This generates heat. Heat makes the product thin out, which helps it degas. If you pour this product before it has released the bubbles, aka degassed, you run the risk of the bubbles remaining suspended or even worse, attaching to your mold and creating bubbles on your finished surface.

The best way to minimize the risk is to stir slowly. Any bubbles in your product are a result of your pouring and/or your mixing technique. There is no way to mix and get zero bubbles. You will always get bubbles when you mix. There are a few different techniques you can use to help this product release the bubbles before you pour.

And now the “how”….

  1. Ensure your room is at a proper working temperature. This product works best in the high 70’s. It doesn’t have to be exact, but the lower the temperature, the thicker the product. If it is too cold, you may run into curing issues.

    Some artists will heat the product in a warm water bath prior to mixing. This is a great way to thin out the product. It is not necessary, but it can help.

  2. After you mix your product, pour it into another cup. Get as much out of the cup as possible and scrape the mixing stick off into the new cup. Now mix again for about a minute. This ensures there is no unmixed product in the cup or on the stir stick.

    Here’s the magic trick. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes. All of the bubbles will either be gone, or sitting on the surface waiting to pop. This product has a 40 minute working time, so there’s no need to rush your project!

  3. Any surface bubbles can be popped using a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. This is the most amazing method of getting bubbles off the surface! You can even take it a step further and spray your mold prior to pouring. This helps with those problem areas on intricate molds.

Using UnuaST Vinyl With PUDUO Resin

Using UnuaST All-In-One Vinyl with PUDUO Resin

The perfect combination of resin and vinyl:

Have you ever used UnuaST vinyl? It can be attached to any smooth surface, whether it is indoor or outdoor. You can decorate anything as you like, whether it is your living room, your garden, or your car.

One of the biggest problems with ordinary vinyl is transferring your pattern to your creation. The transfer layer is not included and needs to be purchased separately, which requires more time and money. It can be inconvenient to weed small designs. And getting your design to transfer to the tape can be a real pain.

UnuaST vinyl is completely different from ordinary vinyl. We have adopted a new upgraded technology that includes the transfer tape. Ordinary vinyl only has 2 layers, The vinyl and the backing. It does not include a transfer layer. This means that you need to spend more time and money purchasing transfer tape and hoping it works with your project and vinyl. Our products use an innovative technology. We have a total of 3 layers. In addition to the vinyl and backing, we’ve included the transfer tape as a third layer. This makes it easier to weed, paste, transfer, and makes your project more convenient. 

Most people use resin with pigments, but did you know you can use vinyl in addition to pigments? Today we will introduce you to using UnuaST vinyl with PUDUO resin to create new, unique products and gifts. Step up your game with this amazing combination of quality and convenience. Make more creative work while saving time and money.


1) Design the pattern or text you want, then place the vinyl, silver side up, on the machine. Select the mirror effect, and then cut it using the vinyl setting on your machine.

2) Weed the silver side, removing all unnecessary parts of the pattern. This can be accomplished by using a weeding tool, or with tape.

3) Apply on any smooth, clean surface.

Here are two methods that can be used with resin:

1) Transfer the design directly in the mold. Then pour your resin on top of the design.


2) Transfer your design directly to your finished piece.

Try different techniques for unique effects. Unleash your creativity today!!

Watch this video to see these methods in action:

If you need assistance with this or any of our products, please message us using the messenger button on the bottom right.