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Mask Your Puduo Resin Project With Latex For Unique Effects

Easy Technique To Create Unique Effects

Using latex, you can easily mask off any area you wish, to create dramatic effects with Puduo Resin. In this live stream from Facebook, co-founder of the US Support Team @Sacred7Senses takes you through the steps required to create this selenite moon pyramid. This blog has a companion video included below.

Using a 5.9 inch pyramid mold from Amazon, Ashley first poured about an inch of liquid latex in the tip and let it cure (About 8 hours). She then poured Just enough to leave a small portion exposed for the resin to bond to, and let cure overnight.

After the latex cured, Ashley mixed up some Puduo Resin and poured the first of 4 layers. In this layer she added some soap clouds. Soap clouds can be made easily by putting bar soap chunks in the microwave! Amazingly easy technique!

Each additional layer of Puduo Resin was used to add glitter and pigments to the mixture to achieve her desired results. Watch the full video below!

You can view all of our past live streams on both Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to watch live, we broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6 pm MST. Check our page or account for updated information:

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Turn a Dollar Tree Tray into $50

We all go through it. We make something that we think is spectacular only to have it sit in inventory for a long time. As artists, we need to be able to sell our creations in order to continue our art journey. I have used many of the molds you find on Amazon. I happen to be lucky enough to have a shop where I can put my pieces, for as long as I want, and sell them. This enables me to see what sells best. 

This tray has been one of our best sellers for a couple of years at our shop. Typically people want them for unique rolling trays or dab trays, but that’s because that is how I design and market them. These trays are cheap to get, easy to make, and easy to sell. The ease of sale is directly related to how the tray looks. So make sure your design elements look good together. Feel free to copy me exactly to get a hang of it. I would love to see your version of this tray! 

For this project, I have:

1) 2 metal Dollar Tree trays 


2) Puduo Resin


3) Glow Pigment


4) UV Reactive Pigment


5) Hand picked and pressed flowers

6) Stickers

7) Rose Quartz barrels and Quartz Points

8) UV Light – This can be sunlight, UV Flashlight, or UV Laser

Available in our shop now!

This project uses 220 ml per pour. Each tray gets approximately 100 ml each per layer. Each tray takes 2 layers, although you can add more if your design calls for it.

This project was streamed live on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to see the original recording. We have live streams every Tuesday and Thursday nights. Catch our latest, or catch up on previous episodes on Instagram or Facebook.

The first coat is your base coat. It will contain your glow, UV, or whatever pigments you decide to use. I find that people are really attracted to the glow trays. With four different colors of glow, the possibilities are endless!

The second coat is your flood coat. Please be sure to read our special blog on mixing Puduo. There is important information on mixing this to get professional results!

By using different components to your tray, you can turn it into a ring tray, jewelry tray, or just a decorative tray. On these dab trays, I put a glass spoon for the wax and crystals to hold the pipe when done.

If you would like the UV Flashlight or any of the crystal products featured in this blog, you can contact me through messenger.

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Thank you for spending your time with us!

Watch how I do it:

Big Letter Lamp Pour

Have you seen the big letter molds? How about a big letter mold lamp? Well, over the past week, I have been creating a big letter “A” lamp.

I wanted to do this project to show how easy it is to use Puduo Resin on a deep pour. This pour was done in 3 layers on Instagram, Facebook Live, and a complete run through on YouTube. The original, full videos can be found on Instagram and Facebook

Doing a deep pour with a casting resin is a delicate dance. You want to pour the least number of layers without having a flash cure. Flash cures occur when the chemical reaction creates so much heat that it cures in minutes. The result is that the epoxy contracts so fast that it can’t remain level. Therefore, it pulls away typically at the corners. You may also notice a blocky look on the surface as parts cured a little quicker.

With Puduo, you can typically pour 200 ml without having a flash cure. This is in a room between 70-80 F. Using this formula will allow you to pour the least number of layers. 

This mold came to us from   We were asked to try this product and supplied a sample of their product. We were very happy with this mold. You can find the complete set of alphabet molds here. You will receive a discount upon clicking this link.

alphabet Pouring this mold is easy. There are no complex designs to trap air bubbles, and the amount of space in the mold makes it an easy pour to decorate. Use flowers, lights, or whatever else you want to use to decorate this lamp.

This letter “A” mold is 1.5″ H x 6″ x 6″ at the widest. This is a large mold and requires approximately 500 ml. Puduo 32 oz kit contains 946 ml. 473 ml of part A, and 473 ml of part B. 

Ensure proper mixing techniques when using this product:

1) Measure the amounts equally using a 1:1 ratio. For example 40 ml of part a to 40 ml of part b. Note: I do not recommend trying to mix smaller than 80 ml total. This is because it makes it too easy to get the measurements just a little bit off.
2) Mix thoroughly. This does not mean to only mix for 3 minutes and call it good. This means to mix the product until it is perfectly clear. Make sure that you get the sides on the bottom of the cup really well.
3) Pour your mixture into another cup. Get as much of the product out of the cup as you can. Then mix the new mixture again. Mix it for approximately a minute.
4) Split the mixture into as many cups as you have pigments. For instance, if you are only using red, black, and clear, split it into three cups. Mix the pigments in well. Then let the product set for approximately 15 minutes to release all of the bubbles and begin its exothermic reaction.

Congratulations to our Mothers Day Giveaway Winners!

Happy Mothers day to all of the moms out there! Moms are the best! They are always there when you need them, devote their lives to our needs, and help to create good humans! 

It was in this spirit that we ran this giveaway for 3 winners to each get a candle set from one of Puduo’s sister brands. We hope that the winners of this giveaway will enjoy the fresh scents of these candles.

Winners were announced on social media on Tuesday. We will announce them here too.

The winners of the Mothers Day giveaway are:

  1. The_Chronic_Crafter

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3. Jesst_Create

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Thanks again from the Puduo team. It’s because of you that we are able to do this. All of your love and support is appreciated.

Cleaning Up After Using Puduo Resin

No matter how careful you are, at some point in time, you will get resin on your skin. Resin needs to be removed right away to avoid allergies or irritation. Epoxy resin does not wash off fully with just hand soap and water. You need something with the power to break down the epoxy.

Solvents can be absorbed through the skin and should never be used to clean resin off of the hands. We recommend a product that has an exfoliant. Puduo is proud to announce that we will be coming out with a hand cleaner specifically designed to remove Puduo Resin! This product will be released soon. Please be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date on new releases, deals, giveaways, and more! 


Best PPE Practices:

Protecting yourself from getting resin on your skin is our number 1 recommendation. Wear gloves! Latex gloves can cause an allergic reaction, so we recommend Nitrile gloves. Cover any exposed areas of your skin with a shirt, pants, etc. Change your gloves whenever they get resin on them to avoid spreading the resin to other objects. Have paper towels handy for easy clean up of spills. You can wipe your gloved hand off with a paper towel to remove excess epoxy.

How To Remove Epoxy Resin From Tools and Surfaces

You can use a solvent such as 91% rubbing alcohol to safely and easily remove resin from tools and surfaces. Wear gloves when cleaning up so the solvent doesn’t soak into your skin. Use a clean paper towel. Pour the rubbing alcohol on the paper towel. Then wipe off the tool or surface. Throw away paper towel after use.

Solvents such as alcohol, acetone, and vinegar can be used to clean surfaces and tools, but should never be used on the skin.