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Massive Puduo Artist Giveaway!!

18 total prizes from 18 artists/companies including Puduo Resin, ColourPassion Pigments, and hand-crafted pieces from amazing artists. Don’t miss this huge giveaway!

ResinCon 2022

Join us for ResinCon 2022, a premiere event for Epoxy Resin Artists to come together and learn techniques from masters of this craft. Workshops will include a large spectrum of experts in mold-making, Geode Art, Epoxy Tables, and advanced pouring techniques.
Puduo Resin will be front and center at this event with plans for sponsoring next years event.
We will be streaming a few presentations. You can attend virtually. Registration for Virtual Live Events will be announced shortly.
@JussCraftinAround – (Unconfirmed)
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Puduo Epoxy Resin From the US Support Team

The US Support team runs all of the social media channels and this website. We carry resin-related products including exotic pigments, glow in the dark pigments, Puduo Epoxy Resin, and finished resin art created by Sacred7Senses and GlowArtAz. We also carry a wide selection of Crystal Towers.

Every time you purchase from the US Team, you are helping to support us and keep this social media online. Links that lead to Amazon or the Puduo Family website are affiliate links that give us a small commission on any sales that go through the links. 

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Puduo Family Website

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Puduo Resin on Amazon

Amazon is also run by the manufacturer. View their full line of products below.

North Star Resin – Canada

Puduo Resin is now available from North Star Resin in Canada! Visit their website today!

Puduo Family Website

This website is run by the manufacturer. Join their loyalty program to get discounts on products. Join their affiliate program to get a link to share with your followers.

What artists say about us:


4 pack = 1 gallon

I purchased this resin before in the 1 gallon equivalent. It mixes well, minimal air bubbles & when dried it is clear. I’m new to this & I absolutely enjoy the craft. The kits will make a nice convenient way to take somewhere or show others how to craft with resin. I am very satisfied with the company & the product. I also contacted the company & they responded promptly & were very helpful. Thank you for your integrity & the quality of your product. I look forward to purchasing more. 

Judith V.

Awesome product

I’ve been using this product since I started working with resin and I love it. I’ve made so many projects that had beautiful results. The working time is great (about 30-40 minutes) and it doesn’t take that much to get rid of bubbles if they happen to appear. Definitely will continue to purchase from Puduo.


Awesome reliable product

I love Puduo resin for my resin art therapy as it’s fairly priced and easy to use. I also love that the work time is long and is quick to cure. Ive tried lots of other brands and Puduo is by far my favorite!!

Nicole M.

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