SEVGILI Epoxy Resin Specific Cleaner. 8oz Non-Toxic Hand Scrub Cleanser for epoxy Resin AB Glue, UV Glue, Grease, Dirt . Pack of 1 (8oz)

  • ✅Epoxy Resin Specific Cleaner: It is suitable for people who love DIY epoxy resin. It can easily and quickly decompose and absorb residual silicone tools and epoxy resin a, b glue/uv resin. (The specific cleaning steps are detailed in the pictures/instructions. Please read carefully.)
  • ✅Fine Scrub Particles: This product has fine Scrub particles. It can effectively remove the residual resin glue on the hands and deeply clean the sticky feeling. Shake vigorously before use to ensure even particle distribution. It is normal for the product to separate before shaking.
  • ✅Does not contain irritating substances. Does not cause dry and chapped skin, leaves hands soft, deodorizes hands, and cleans gently with a light fragrance.
  • ✅Safe, non-irritating odor, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly, safe for adults and children. * But when using this product, please do not let children use it alone, to ensure correct use and avoid accidental ingestion. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • ❗ Note: When using the remaining 1/3, it is recommended to turn the product upside down to facilitate the next use. When you forget to invert, turn the bottle down, shake it down or turn the bottle down, tap twice on the table, then open the cap and squeeze the bottle, it is also easy to take out the liquid. (Please don’t put cleaner on paper towels to clean anything)