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Resin Curing in 2 Hours!

Amazing Hack to Quickly Cure Puduo 1:1 Epoxy Resin

What is Quick Resin Curing?

Quick Resin Curing is a quick way of curing epoxy resin. When using a 1:1 ratio epoxy resin, it typically takes 8-10 hours to cure your product. This is quick compared to other epoxies which can take 24-72 hours before you can remove it from your mold. 2:1 and 3:1 epoxy is also available which typically take 48+ hours to cure. We will only be discussing the Puduo 1:1 Epoxy Resin in this blog.

A common mistake made by artists is not accurately measuring their product. Too much of Part B can lead to a runaway reaction which may ruin your project, and waste your time. To avoid this, make sure you measure carefully to ensure that you have the right amount of each part.

How Epoxy Resin Works

In epoxy resin, there is a component A and component B. When combined and mixed, they react to create a clear solid. This reaction takes 8-10 hours when you use Puduo Epoxy Resin. This epoxy formula is a 1:1 ratio epoxy. Puduo also carries a 2:1 resin for deep pours, and an anti-yellowing epoxy for outdoor applications. The anti-yellowing has an 8-10 hour cure time, and the deep pour 2:1 has a 24-72 hour cure time. 

Once the epoxy has cured, it can be removed from the silicone mold and allowed to fully cure, on a flat surface, for 24-72 hours. The curing process is affected by the environment. At lower temperatures, curing will take longer than usual. Whereas high temperatures reduce the curing time.

Quick Curing Resin Projects in 2 Hours*

By introducing heat to your project, you will cure your project quicker. This can be done with a heating pad or a curing machine. I can’t recommend a heating pad because they vary widely and if you get it wrong, it will ruin your project. Luckily Puduo has solved this problem for us. The new Puduo Curing Machine will soon be here!

Here’s what they have told us so far:
1) In tests, they were able to remove their projects from the mold in 2 hours.
2) The unit is big enough to house a cup turner.
3) Adjustable temperature range from 95 – 160 F
4) Adjustable timer from 1 – 300 minutes
5) Adjustable fan for cooling after curing has completed

They have received a prototype and are currently testing it to see how it performs using different times and temperatures. They will use this data to come up with an informed  instruction sheet so that we all know how to use it effectively. We will keep you updated on this exciting product!

Is This Product Suitable for Your Project?

This product will help you be more productive by giving you the ability to quickly produce your ideas and create as much as possible within your available time.  If you want to get more done, this product is perfect for you.

Another plus to this product is that you will be able to use the curing space for more projects throughout the day. We have a small space available for curing, and when we are working on many projects, we will have to stop because there’s no more room to cure items. This will free up your curing space quicker and allow you to move on to your next project.

*Note: Only the Puduo 1:1 has been tested so far. The 2 hour curing time applies to the 1:1 formula. We will update you with the curing times for the other formulas as we test it.

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Puduo Anti-Yellowing Formula Has Arrived!

3X Anti-Yellowing Puduo Epoxy Resin

Puduo Anti-Yellowing Epoxy Resin is a new product on the market that has been gaining popularity among DIY enthusiasts. It is a two-component epoxy resin that comes in a 1:1 ratio and can be mixed easily. The UV resistance of this epoxy resin makes it perfect for outdoor projects. Puduo Epoxy Resin is known for its easy to use formula, casting, and crafting properties. When mixed together, the two components form a clear liquid which can be used with silicone molds, live edge river tables, suncatchers, jewelry, home décor, and much more.

To mix Puduo Anti-Yellowing Epoxy Resin you will need:

Puduo Anti-Yellowing Part A – This is the Resin

Puduo Anti-Yellowing Part B – This is the hardener

Gloves – Your choice of material, just protect your hands.

Mixing Sticks (Included) – Take care of these silicone sticks by wiping them with a paper towel when done.

Mixing Cups (Included) – The included cups measure 100 ML max. For larger cups, please click here

Pigments (optional) – Choice of pigments can include: Glow in the dark, resin tint, resin dye, resin paste, glitter, or any other item you want to use that is completely dry. Water/moisture is not recommended and can ruin your project

Silicone Mold (Optional)For more molds, please click here

Mixing Puduo Resin Like A Pro:

1) Measure the amounts equally using a 1:1 ratio. For example 40 ml of part a to 40 ml of part b. Note: I do not recommend trying to mix smaller than 80 ml total. This is because it makes it too easy to get the measurements just a little bit off.

2) Mix thoroughly. This does not mean to only mix for 3 minutes and call it good. This means to mix the product until it is perfectly clear. Make sure that you get the sides on the bottom of the cup really well.

3) Pour your mixture into another cup. Get as much of the product out of the cup as you can. Then mix the new mixture again. Mix it for approximately a minute.

4) Split the mixture into as many cups as you have pigments. For instance, if you are only using red, black, and clear, split it into three cups. Mix the pigments in well. Then let the product set for approximately 15 minutes to release all of the bubbles and begin its exothermic reaction.

*The mixing instructions are the same for all Puduo Epoxy products.

Watch @GlowArtAz Test This Product:

I created suncatchers using this new formula and I will be hanging them in our shop. We live in Arizona, so the sun here will definitely be a great test! We will do an update video in 30 days.

Puduo Hand Cleaner Vs. Rubbing Alcohol

The Complete Guide to Resin Cleaning Agents

One of the most important aspects of working with resins, of any form, is being able to safely and effectively remove it from your skin, tools, and molds. Safely removing products from your skin is by far the most important point to consider. Rubbing alcohol, Acetone, and Hand Scrubs are the most common cleaning agents.

The most widely used cleaning agent for epoxy resin is rubbing alcohol. This, and Acetone, are not recommended for the same reasons. First, both are flammable, which means that it poses a danger if you are working with an open flame or near an open flame. Secondly, they can dry out your skin and cause irritation or allergic reactions. Finally, both work by thinning the resin so that they can be rinsed off. This could pose a hazard if absorbed into the skin.

A better option is a hand scrub such as Puduo Hand Scrub. Puduo Hand scrub works by adhering to the resin and coating the particles so that they can be easily rinsed off with water. This product contains fine abrasive particles which work with the liquid to lift the resin off of your skin. Rinse with water and your hands will be clean with a fresh scent!

Puduo Hand Scrub works on your tools and molds too! The surfaces of your tools and molds should be free from dirt and other contaminants, otherwise the resin can become contaminated with particles, and may not adhere to the mold properly. In order to maintain cleanliness, a cleaning agent should be used after every use.

Puduo Hand Scrub is available now on the PuduoFamily website and on Amazon

Watch our YouTube Video on this product:

New Puduo Hand Cleaner

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An Amazing New product — PUDUO Resin Cleaner

If you use resin a lot, you’re bound to get it on your hands. As you know, resin is not easy to remove with just soap and water. Alcohol works great, but the harsh nature of chemicals means that you have to be very careful with the chemicals. In order to provide you with the best products and services, our R&D team developed a product that can easily remove resin from hands and tools – PUDUO Resin Cleaner!

This is a brand new product that easily removes resin from your hands without harsh, irritating substances. This product will not cause dry or skin. Gently and safely clean and deodorize your hands. Comes with a fresh scent that is suitable for everyone to remove the resin from your hands and leave you fresh and clean!

This Product is a frosted material, which easily cleans the resin off of your hands. It effectively removes all of the residual resin and sticky feeling off of your hands. Shake vigorously before use to ensure even particle distribution and to make it easier for you to pour the product out.

This resin cleaner is not only for your hands, but can also be use to clean your silicone molds, silicone stirring sticks, and most reusable resin accessories. This gives you multiple uses which saves you money.

Using this product is very simple. Pour the Resin Cleaner on your hands, or whatever needs to be cleaned. Then rub the product onto the resin and scrub well. Do not use water except to rinse. This product will break down the resin and rinse clean.

Tips: Resin Cleaner is suitable for cleaning resin, or resin with a small amount of pigment. If your resin has too much pigment, it may require multiple washes.

***To see more new products from PUDUO, please read this blog:

Watch our YouTube Video

Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners!

In celebration of the launch of the new hand cleaner for resin, by Puduo, we held a giveaway on Instagram. Join our email list to be notified when we run giveaways. Our giveaway for the new Puduo Hand Scrub is complete!

The winners are:




This product is truly amazing. It breaks down any kind of resin and dissolves it, allowing you to wash it down the drain. We have tried, tested, and approved of this product. It works like magic! Rinse with water after you have thoroughly scrubbed your hands with this product. If you would like to purchase this product, or any other Puduo products, please visit the PuduoFamily Website. Use code puduoresinus for 10% off your order!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway! We will be giving away more products soon! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified.

New Product Drops by Puduo

New Product Drops From PUDUO:

Puduo has been working hard to launch new products. We are happy to announce 3 new products that you’ve been waiting for! We have been teasing the new products and now they’re here! Hand Cleaner for Resin, Deep Pour 2:1 Resin, and an Anti-Yellowing formula! We’re going to introduce you to these products now. Discount codes are listed with the product when available.

The new Puduo Hand Cleaner is available on all of the sites. The US Team has personally tested this product, and we love it! Its gentle scrubbing action removes all resin easily. After scrubbing to break the resin down, you just rinse with water! Try it out today!

Puduo Hand Cleaner:

Link to Product on Amazon: – 10% Off Code: PUDUOCLEANER

Link to Product on PuduoFamily Website: – 10% Off Code – puduoresinus

Puduo Resin 3X Anti-Yellow Formula:

We are very excited about this new anti-yellowing formula! We will be ordering this product soon! You can get it today at:

Link to Product on Amazon: – 10% Off Code: PUDUO3XY

Puduo Deep Pour 2:1 Epoxy Resin

It’s finally here! Deep Pour 2:1 resin from Puduo is now available on Amazon!

Link to Product on Amazon: – 10% Off Code: PUDUO21Y

Video from Puduo:

Flower Drying and Use in Puduo Epoxy Resin

Using Dried Flowers With Puduo Resin

Using dried flowers is simple and can be a lot of fun! Dried flowers can be purchased through sites like Amazon, at hobby stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, or you can pick and dry your own. As we live in the desert, and the spring flowers are in bloom, we decided to go pick some flowers, dry them, then create something beautiful on a Live Stream. This is the same technique you would use for fresh roses, fruit, or anything else that has moisture.

Moisture is the enemy of epoxy resin. It can cause fogging, uneven cure, and general chaos in the product. If you epoxy something that contains moisture, it can rot inside the piece. That’s why it’s vital to remove all moisture.

You can remove moisture a number of ways. The sun, a dehydrator, Silica Gel, a book, or anything that will suck the moisture out quickly.

  1. Sun – You can dry some items in the sun. Depending on how fragile the item is will determine if this method is right for your project.
  2. Dehydrators come in a variety of sizes and prices. Here are 2 that you can purchase from Amazon. I have not tested these products, so be sure to read about their proper use. 
    1. This is a lower cost option:
    2. This one is the more expensive version:
  3. Book – You can use a thick book to press and dry your flowers. Use copy paper between the pages so the flowers wont stick to the pages.

For this project you will need:

  1. Fresh flowers – These can be hand picked, or purchased from a store.
  2. Silica Gel – This can be purchased from Amazon.
  3. Container with a lid. Here’s an example from Amazon.
  4. Puduo ResinAvailable here
  5. Silicone mold of your choice – Here are some Amazon Selections

Follow these steps:

  1. Pour silica gel into your container. 1/4 to 1/2 of the way is good.
  2. Place your fresh flowers on the silica gel. Close the lid on the container.
  3. Wait until the flowers are dry. Drying time will vary depending on the amount of moisture in the flower. Expect between 2-10 days.
  4. Once fully dried, insert your flowers into the mold, mix your Puduo Resin, and fill your mold. Wait 8-12 hours before demolding. Set on a flat surface for at least 12 hours after demolding to finish your curing process.

Sacred7Senses will show you how….

*Be sure to join @GlowArtAz and @Sacred7Senses every Tuesday and Thursday night on Facebook and Instagram for our Live Streams! Check our events page for upcoming live events!

Turn a Dollar Tree Tray into $50

We all go through it. We make something that we think is spectacular only to have it sit in inventory for a long time. As artists, we need to be able to sell our creations in order to continue our art journey. I have used many of the molds you find on Amazon. I happen to be lucky enough to have a shop where I can put my pieces, for as long as I want, and sell them. This enables me to see what sells best. 

This tray has been one of our best sellers for a couple of years at our shop. Typically people want them for unique rolling trays or dab trays, but that’s because that is how I design and market them. These trays are cheap to get, easy to make, and easy to sell. The ease of sale is directly related to how the tray looks. So make sure your design elements look good together. Feel free to copy me exactly to get a hang of it. I would love to see your version of this tray! 

For this project, I have:

1) 2 metal Dollar Tree trays 


2) Puduo Resin


3) Glow Pigment


4) UV Reactive Pigment


5) Hand picked and pressed flowers

6) Stickers

7) Rose Quartz barrels and Quartz Points

8) UV Light – This can be sunlight, UV Flashlight, or UV Laser

Available in our shop now!

This project uses 220 ml per pour. Each tray gets approximately 100 ml each per layer. Each tray takes 2 layers, although you can add more if your design calls for it.

This project was streamed live on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to see the original recording. We have live streams every Tuesday and Thursday nights. Catch our latest, or catch up on previous episodes on Instagram or Facebook.

The first coat is your base coat. It will contain your glow, UV, or whatever pigments you decide to use. I find that people are really attracted to the glow trays. With four different colors of glow, the possibilities are endless!

The second coat is your flood coat. Please be sure to read our special blog on mixing Puduo. There is important information on mixing this to get professional results!

By using different components to your tray, you can turn it into a ring tray, jewelry tray, or just a decorative tray. On these dab trays, I put a glass spoon for the wax and crystals to hold the pipe when done.

If you would like the UV Flashlight or any of the crystal products featured in this blog, you can contact me through messenger.

Visit the Puduo Family Website for exclusive deals on the Puduo Resin family of products.

Visit the Puduo Resin Store on Amazon for the fastest shipping.

Thank you for spending your time with us!

Watch how I do it:

Using UnuaST Vinyl With PUDUO Resin

Using UnuaST All-In-One Vinyl with PUDUO Resin

The perfect combination of resin and vinyl:

Have you ever used UnuaST vinyl? It can be attached to any smooth surface, whether it is indoor or outdoor. You can decorate anything as you like, whether it is your living room, your garden, or your car.

One of the biggest problems with ordinary vinyl is transferring your pattern to your creation. The transfer layer is not included and needs to be purchased separately, which requires more time and money. It can be inconvenient to weed small designs. And getting your design to transfer to the tape can be a real pain.

UnuaST vinyl is completely different from ordinary vinyl. We have adopted a new upgraded technology that includes the transfer tape. Ordinary vinyl only has 2 layers, The vinyl and the backing. It does not include a transfer layer. This means that you need to spend more time and money purchasing transfer tape and hoping it works with your project and vinyl. Our products use an innovative technology. We have a total of 3 layers. In addition to the vinyl and backing, we’ve included the transfer tape as a third layer. This makes it easier to weed, paste, transfer, and makes your project more convenient. 

Most people use resin with pigments, but did you know you can use vinyl in addition to pigments? Today we will introduce you to using UnuaST vinyl with PUDUO resin to create new, unique products and gifts. Step up your game with this amazing combination of quality and convenience. Make more creative work while saving time and money.


1) Design the pattern or text you want, then place the vinyl, silver side up, on the machine. Select the mirror effect, and then cut it using the vinyl setting on your machine.

2) Weed the silver side, removing all unnecessary parts of the pattern. This can be accomplished by using a weeding tool, or with tape.

3) Apply on any smooth, clean surface.

Here are two methods that can be used with resin:

1) Transfer the design directly in the mold. Then pour your resin on top of the design.


2) Transfer your design directly to your finished piece.

Try different techniques for unique effects. Unleash your creativity today!!

Watch this video to see these methods in action:

If you need assistance with this or any of our products, please message us using the messenger button on the bottom right.

Using Resin Dye Pigments

How to use PUDUO Resin Pigments

Most people have heard of PUDUO Resin, but few people know that we also sell resin tint and dye. Resin Tint gives you a colorful product that remains transparent. Resin dye creates an opaque effect in the resin. The black and white included in this kit are dyes. All of the other colors are tints. Other types of pigment include micas, chameleon powders, and alcohol inks. We will talk more about those in future blogs. Today we will introduce the PUDUO Resin tint and dye pigment, and teach you how to use it correctly. This will help you to create more diverse finished products.

PUDUO Resin Pigments are very easy to use. No preparation is required, the pigment comes ready to use. This product diffuses easily into the resin with saturated color and uniform gloss. The squeeze bottles make it easy to control your drops so that you can get the perfect shade every time.

We have carefully selected 16 colors for you, which are not only diverse in color, but also allow you to mix and match them at will. This pigment is specially formulated for Resin art projects, which can make your creations brilliant while staying crystal clear(except black and white color dye). These can be mixed and blended to achieve your own custom colors.

Instructions for use:

1. Shake well before using. 

2. Press down and rotate the cap to open. The pigment comes sealed. You can use a push pin to puncture the seal, or cut the tip with scissors.

3. To add color to your resin, use one drop or more of colorant to your resin depending on the intensity of color you would like. After you add the pigment, stir well. If you need more pigment, add a little more, then stir. You can add colors according to your needs, generally only a few drops can achieve good results. If you want different colors, you can also create different colors by mixing the colors.

4. Adding too much pigment can increase curing time by slowing down the chemical reaction. So use only the amount of pigment needed to achieve the color you want.

5. When using pigments in UV resin, the darker pigments can block the amount of UV light that is able to penetrate your product. Use a powerful UV lamp or Strong Direct Sun Light for best curing result and time. Please plan accordingly. You need to decide how much pigment you should add according to the different characteristics of the resin or UV resin you are using. If you use more pigment, it is recommended that you lengthen your waiting time so that the resin is fully cured.