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You asked for it, and we listened! We have partnered with the manufacturer to offer you a new affiliate program, Loyalty Program, Messenger Chat Room. These programs are designed to enable the manufacturer to give you the latest flash deals, information, and discounts directly!

The manufacturer has created a new website to offer these programs. Head on over to the new Puduo Family website and sign up today! Visit the website using the link below to recieve a 10% off code instantly.

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Purchasing Puduo Resin:

We have multiple places to buy your favorite epoxy resin! Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but choices are always nice!

Wholesale Accounts Available

The US Team is now offering wholesale shipping direct from the manufacturer. Do you want the absolute best deals on Puduo? There are minimum order quantity requirements. MOQ totals are all over $1000. This option is for people who want to stock up and save. Read below about other ways to save with our new loyalty and affiliate programs. Visit our Wholesale sign-up page to request an account.

Option #1 – PUDUO EPOXY RESIN and Products From the US Team

This website is run by the US Team. All sales go to help us continue offering the best quality customer support and service. When you purchase from the team, you are helping to support us and all that we offer! Other ways to support us include using one of the Amazon links on this site prior to purchasing from Amazon. When you click an Amazon link, we will get a small commission on any purchase for the next 24 hours.
Advantage to purchasing from the US Team: You are directly helping to support a small business in the US. Special deals and pricing on chameleon pigments, glow in the dark powders, and resin.
Disadvantage: We only carry the 32 oz kit of resin. We have a gallon deal that includes 4 – 32 oz kits.


4 pack = 1 gallon

I purchased this resin before in the 1 gallon equivalent. It mixes well, minimal air bubbles & when dried it is clear. I’m new to this & I absolutely enjoy the craft. The kits will make a nice convenient way to take somewhere or show others how to craft with resin. I am very satisfied with the company & the product. I also contacted the company & they responded promptly & were very helpful. Thank you for your integrity & the quality of your product. I look forward to purchasing more. 

Judith V.

Awesome product

I’ve been using this product since I started working with resin and I love it. I’ve made so many projects that had beautiful results. The working time is great (about 30-40 minutes) and it doesn’t take that much to get rid of bubbles if they happen to appear. Definitely will continue to purchase from Puduo.


Awesome reliable product

I love Puduo resin for my resin art therapy as it’s fairly priced and easy to use. I also love that the work time is long and is quick to cure. Ive tried lots of other brands and Puduo is by far my favorite!!

Nicole M.

Option #2 – Website

PUDUO RESIN is manufactured in China. Until now, the only place to purchase directly from them has been on Amazon. In order to bring you special deals and programs, they have created a new website. is now  ready to offer you the best in loyalty and affiliate programs designed to help inspire you and put some extra money in your pocket! While the US Team offers support for all PUDUO products, we do not handle purchases. If you need a refund or have a question about your order, please visit for assistance.

Option #3 – PUDUO EPOXY RESIN on Amazon

The manufacturer also runs the sales on Amazon. While the US Team offers support for all PUDUO products, we do not handle Amazon purchases. If you need a refund or have a question about your Amazon order, please visit for assistance.

PUDUO has a a new store front on Amazon!

Visit Store

Easy to use!

PUDUO EPOXY RESIN has a 1:1 mix ratio and 10 hour demold time. This makes it ideal for beginning and advanced resin artists!

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Get Crystal Clear Results!

With PUDUO EPOXY RESIN, you will get crystal clear results without using a degassing chamber. This product is self-leveling and has a 40 minute working time. The long working time gives you the freedom to create and the time to get it done! Visit our YouTube channel for more examples…

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