Using UnuaST Vinyl With PUDUO Resin

Using UnuaST All-In-One Vinyl with PUDUO Resin

The perfect combination of resin and vinyl:

Have you ever used UnuaST vinyl? It can be attached to any smooth surface, whether it is indoor or outdoor. You can decorate anything as you like, whether it is your living room, your garden, or your car.

One of the biggest problems with ordinary vinyl is transferring your pattern to your creation. The transfer layer is not included and needs to be purchased separately, which requires more time and money. It can be inconvenient to weed small designs. And getting your design to transfer to the tape can be a real pain.

UnuaST vinyl is completely different from ordinary vinyl. We have adopted a new upgraded technology that includes the transfer tape. Ordinary vinyl only has 2 layers, The vinyl and the backing. It does not include a transfer layer. This means that you need to spend more time and money purchasing transfer tape and hoping it works with your project and vinyl. Our products use an innovative technology. We have a total of 3 layers. In addition to the vinyl and backing, we’ve included the transfer tape as a third layer. This makes it easier to weed, paste, transfer, and makes your project more convenient. 

Most people use resin with pigments, but did you know you can use vinyl in addition to pigments? Today we will introduce you to using UnuaST vinyl with PUDUO resin to create new, unique products and gifts. Step up your game with this amazing combination of quality and convenience. Make more creative work while saving time and money.


1) Design the pattern or text you want, then place the vinyl, silver side up, on the machine. Select the mirror effect, and then cut it using the vinyl setting on your machine.

2) Weed the silver side, removing all unnecessary parts of the pattern. This can be accomplished by using a weeding tool, or with tape.

3) Apply on any smooth, clean surface.

Here are two methods that can be used with resin:

1) Transfer the design directly in the mold. Then pour your resin on top of the design.


2) Transfer your design directly to your finished piece.

Try different techniques for unique effects. Unleash your creativity today!!

Watch this video to see these methods in action:

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