Take Your Creations to Another Dimension with Puduo Resin!

8 Oz Kit

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Puduo resin is one of the fastest curing resins on the market right now! We made this formula for artists to help inspire and encourage creative growth in our community. Excellent for doming, casting, and resin art. Puduo resin is a great choice for you whether you are a resin beginner, enthusiast, or entrepreneur. Our resin contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is odor-free so you can work comfortably at your craft. Puduo resin has a long working time of 40 minutes so no need to rush when you’re in your creative flow. The easy 1:1 ratio by volume is great for all types of resin users and helps you ensure your resin is mixed correctly. Puduo resin is professional-grade resin and a high-performance art medium for all your doming, coating, and casting needs. It adds a crystal clear, high gloss coat to any surface and cures rock hard, and durable when used correctly.

Puduo resin is great for using with silicone or plastic molds, pours, jewelry, coasters, cutting boards, wood pieces, doming, figurines, keychains, stands, trays, and anything else your creative mind can come up with! Our resin easily takes color and ensures clarity. Mica pigments, pastes, dyes, alcohol inks, and even acrylic paint can be used to tint and tone your resin. We offer a detailed instruction sheet with every order to help you achieve the best results for your project. Recommended for indoor use only.


  • This 8 oz kit contains 4 oz of resin and 4 oz of hardener.
  • Crystal clear results.
  • Once cured, cures solid and strong.
  • Self-leveling formulation for your projects.
  • Easy 1:1 volume ratio for mixing resin and hardener.
  • About 40 minutes of working time.
  • Easy pigment absorption.
  • Color stability to ensure long-lasting results.

*Actual time required to demold/cure will vary depending on several factors including temperature, humidity, additives, thickness, ratio inequalities, or the resin not being correctly mixed. The resin may be flexible until fully cured. The resin will usually cure between 24 to 72 hours. In some cases, it may take longer.

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